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It’s Brexploitation! Microsoft punishes UK for Brexit with cloud price-gouging

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their business plan of how quickly they plan on hitting profit on their original investment:

Thanks for reminding me, this one is actually quite important.

Anyone who thinks that this metric has not changed as a result of BrExit needs to have their brain examined. In fact, the ROI periods used in calculation have shrunk and their cost contribution has gone up. This drives the overall price of goods and services which rely on capital investment (in this case - servers, datacenters, datacenter equipment).

This is not for any other reason, but because of uncertainty. From this point of view the economy and the prices for services and goods relying on long term investment would have been BETTER off if there was a cliff nasty cutoff with a given date. It is something you can plan for. Exit on date X with tariffs Y and restrictions Z - fine. That is something you can stick into a forecast and plan BEYOND that date.

The current woolly grandstanding by the 3 blind mice - not a chance. Any financial planning more than 2 years out are in the realm of non-scientific fiction. So whoever in Microsoft turned the ROI knob up a notch simply did their job.

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