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it would be easy to call a halt to the whole program "while we re-visit, re-test and re-build the network security,

Despite catcalls to the contrary, the SMETS2 meters aren't too bad on security, following GCHQ giving the industry a wedgie on this matter. Unfortunately, all the things that smart meters are intended to enable are "Internet of Tat" release-to-manufacturing grade. Which is to say, totally, hopelessly and utterly insecure.

The consequence of this is that the black hats don't need to hack the meters, or even a power station's SCADA to bring down the system, they just need to hack into some small beer aggregator's cheapo DSR platform for a single point of attack, or even easier, do an IoT hack on a big fleet of washing machines or the like.

Nevertheless, this apparently is how our politicians will save us from climate change. Sadly it gets worse. In the nature of my job, I am involved in all this stuff. And at an industry workshop the other day it became clear that to meet the stupid, stupid, stupid "carbon budget" that our governments keep signing up for, we''ll have to plant half of East Anglia with fuel crops, and then we'll STILL have to use CCS on the combustion plant exhaust. The cost per kWh exceed the obscene values awarded for Hinkley Point.

Personally, I think we need a civil war. Civil servants, arty farty fuckwits, and myopic scientists who believe religiously in the whole climate change deal, versus the rest of humanity. I know which side I'll be on.

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