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> I don't know about Lync, but can you let me know how to stop Windows Servers from needing a reboot every month or from being the biggest target of malware?

How can we stop Linux from needing a reboot every two weeks due to kernel issues?

USN-3147-1: Linux kernel vulnerabilities - 30th November 2016

USN-3126-1: Linux kernel vulnerabilities - 11th November 2016

USN-3107-1: Linux kernel vulnerability - 19th October 2016

USN-3099-1: Linux kernel vulnerabilities - 11th October 2016

USN-3084-1: Linux kernel vulnerabilities - 19th September 2016

USN-3072-1: Linux kernel vulnerabilities - 29th August 2016

USN-3055-1: Linux kernel vulnerabilities - 10th August 2016

USN-3035-1: Linux kernel vulnerability - 14th July 2016

Every OS needs patches. You can elect not to patch any system, but standing up Linux as not needing patches and Windows does is pretty absurd.

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