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One problem that might be dealt with by simpler methods may be the tendency of those whose power is paid for by government to use it wastefully. I first read about this in "PC David Copperfield"'s entertaining and educational book "Wasting Police Time" (2010). As a police constable, he often visited suspects or witnesses living in flats or houses owned by local government, which apparently paid for the utilities. PC Copperfield said he could always spot these immediately on entering (if not before) because they would have immense TV sets continually turned up high, and the heat at maximum all day long.

Call PC Copperfield and me any names you choose, but if any large number of people are in control of electricity supplies that they do not personally pay for, that is obviously low-hanging fruit in the effort to reduce wasteful usage.

Most people are only too painfully aware of how much they pay for gas and (especially) electricity, and do their best to minimize those costs. Although well-paid civil servants and politicians working in comfortable offices, heated and air-conditioned according to the season at the taxpayers' expense, might find it hard to understand.

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