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Can you let everyone know the Linux equivalent of Lync.

That would have been fine if lync actually worked. Ever since it was renamed Skype for Business its "success rate" is about 30%. That drops to sub<10% if there are people on Mac, VPNs, etc.

You can get the Skype For Business functionality on Linux using google talk and google apps (if you surrender to the idea of google knowing each and every step you make). It also works properly on a mobile (something Lync stopped doing once it became Skype for Business). IM works. Video works significantly better than Lync, Presence works, whiteboarding and other conference facilities also work and so does calendaring. It has only one massive downside - it pretty much requires VOIP and you need decent data connectivity. Not usable out in the sticks. The upside is that it is significantly more reliable than Skype For Business.

Alternatively - you get that easily using webex + a decent xmpp server of your choice. It is a bit more hassle and you need to cobble it together for a team. It has the advantage that it works pretty much anywhere and the bandwidth requirements are ~ NIL unless you have an idiot PHB in the team which insists on his mug always being displayed to his subordinates.

In both cases you also can integrate into that 3rd party systems and apps. Something which you can forget about as far as lync is concerned.

I have to use all 3 of these on a weekly basis and I would overall rate them: Webex, Hangouts and Skype for Business as a very remote unreliable third.

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