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Leather ? What about the vegetables origins ...

Dunno about the leather angle, as far as I can work out vegans are eating vegetables that once upon a time in an earlier life cycle for at least some ( if not most ) of the atoms and organic compounds concerned were insects and dead animals of all types.

So I'm just wondering how many vegetable life cycles of decomposition ex animal life has to go through before its "vegan friendly". That's if its at all possible to guarantee insects haven't lived in the soil were the vegetables were grown ... ( I'm in IT , so don't know much about this )

I reckon vegetable packaging should have some rough stats on how much of it was some form of animal or insect life one or two life cycles ago. I guess the real "hard nut" vegans would then all starve to death at the terrifying thought vegetables contain recycled animal matter, and then we wouldn't have to hear their bleating again ... oh deep BLISS !

Also, who says plants don't have feelings and that plants don't mind being eaten ? I could go on ...

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