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Re: Consumer benefits?

Consumer Benefits ? er none that I can think of.

So who benefits ? I can think of at least the following ...

Highly paid consultants, with their power point works of fiction, working for the government get a nice pay packet.

(not so) Smart meter manufacturers flog a lot of their insecure wares.

Electricity companies can lay off meter readers.

Finally, when we have controlled black outs due to the impending lack of electrical generation capacity the 'leccy companies will be able to remotely switch off the supply of users who aren't deemed "important".

So a few different parties benefit, but me and the vast majority of end users aren't among them.

So currently I've completely ignored the snail mail saying "We need to install a stupid meter" , and I hope to keep my good old piece of 1970s manufactured metering tech for as long as possible.

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