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No it won't because batteries are too expensive. If time shifting electricity to spread load with batteries were economical the generating companies would already be doing it and at a scale which would be much more economical than small home installations.

Batteries were too expensive, but the price is falling in much the same way as PV prices fell, due to a combination of improved performance and increased production. In the UK today the low feed in tariffs for PV means that it's usually only worthwhile if you install battery storage as well, but people are still installing systems, or upgrading existing ones with batteries. In much of Australia battery storage is taking off because it saves costs massively.

As for generating company level storage, the problem there is the scale needed which requires large batteries, but there are systems being rolled out now, in the 1-100 MWh range. Some of the latest GE wind turbines have optional battery storage to allow time shifting, and I know one commercial PV farm that's adding battery storage, and another that's doing the sums about it. Batteries are commercially viable - not for everyone, but definitely for some.

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