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"If vegans weren't so damn self-righteous"

I don't believe they are. They've chosen a lifestyle that isn't yours. But they *chose* it, mainly after thought and consideration and on the basis of knowledge, something rather different from those of you smug meat-eaters who can't be bothered to think of the consequences of global farming, animal misery, and above all the chemical filth that producers inject into animals which you then ingest. Good luck with that.

Me, I'm not vegan, but I admire those who are. I don't eat meat partly for health reasons (see above), but if any of you has a strong stomach I recommend that you find a copy of "The Animals Film", broadcast on UK C4 in 1982. One half about animal farming, the other about the abuse of animals in cosmetics production. If you make it to the end then you, like me, won't touch farmed meat ever again.

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