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andy 103

There's nothing good in this for consumers

So, a few months ago I got a letter about why I should have a smart meter installed.

There was absolutely nothing worthwhile about having one. Things like being able to monitor my energy online, save money etc. That's really nobodys business other than my own. I use the amount of energy I want, and pay for it, on time and in full. Nobody else needs to be concerned about that.

The only reason for installing them is so energy companies can:

1. Do away with meter reading staff.

2. Bill people immediately - no waiting for you to submit your meter reading etc. They have the data.

So far things were looking pretty shite. I don't need or want a meter, but they're going to be compulsory eventually, right? So I arranged for the installation.

The installation team couldn't fit it due to some problem "wi't fuse neutral" (or some other electrical mumbo jumbo that means f-all to end users).

They had to send a team out to do an investigation, before they could do some work, before they could do some other work to fit the sodding thing.

In the end I told them where to stick it. They aren't (at the time of writing) compulsory and these energy companies can stick them up their smart arses.

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