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"Let's get real. Nobody posting here "fought their way to the top of the food chain". Let's put anyone who says that in a cage with a hungry lion, see who ends up getting out alive, and let's test that theory."

It may have escaped your notice but the British diet does not contain lion meat. I'm more than happy to be put into a cage with the farm animals that I eat. Given that I am a part-time farmer I already spend time in cages with farm animals. So far it's them (0) me (lots) on the scale of who wins. So I would argue, successfully, that I have indeed fought my way to the top of the food chain.

If you could point to any other macro-predator with a population of approx. 7 billion I would be interested to know what species it is.

BTW all the guff about "torturing" animals on farms is just that, guff. Animals get well treated because abusing animals gives poor results when it comes to the quality of meat, milk and hides. Although I suspect your use of the term "feedlots" means that you are talking about production outside Europe. I can't speak for the farming practices of the Shermans.

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