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" As a chemist you should be doing what you did at university, READ."

The original article seemed to imply that it was a deliberate formulation decision, rather than inadvertent trace amounts used in tallow lubricants.

"there is a trace of tallow in the polymer pellets used in the base substrate...."

So, an even more ridiculous matter then.

But adding oddball things to the formulation isn't that insane. Back in 1991 the Bank of Australia had a polymer note, and the three resins used were chosen for being harder to identify specifically by analysis, when blended. So I was wondering if it was something more than "it's what we use to wax the pellet chutes". The University lab I was working in was contracted by the mint to see how easy it was to reverse engineer. The answer was still extremely easy if you have access to high grade analytical equipment.

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