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There's a difference between inustrialized agri-business, and herding. The results are still the same - Eventual slaughter, either way. However, the science behind it is just a matter of numbers. It's inefficient to funnel roughly 500 gallons (I'm American), and 50 pounds of grain into an animal to produce one pound of beef. Just to give you a rough idea, you're talking about roughly the equivalent of running your shower for a couple of weeks, without stopping. That's how much water is involved in producing one pound of beef. In a world that is having a population crisis, in conjunction with a clean water crisis, from a purely analytical point of view without taking into account one's personal definition of suffering, this is an inefficient, and irresponsible use of resources.

But to state what should be obvious, since it's easy to anthropomorphise how "content" animals may look relative to their mental, physical, or emotional state is not an accurate way of gauging the levels of suffering that an animal is forced to endure. Just because Temple Grandin came up with a way to make cows less anxious while they're having a cannula inserted into their stomach, or to be tagged or branded, doesn't mean that the cow suffers less. It only makes us feel better about the suffering that we're inflicting on others.

Either way, I'm not trying to turn this into a pro-vegan vs. anti-vegan thread. I'm personally vegan. It's the right choice for ME. I have been since 2002, and don't ever see myself going back. People have to do the research for themselves and provide themselves with the most objective view of everything before settling with the facts and figures that support one theory or another. It's called deductive reasoning. We as humans have that ability. It's one of the reasons why I choose to reduce the suffering that I cause to the sentient beings with who I share this planet. Notice I said, "reduce" not "eliminate", because reduction is the goal. Elimination of suffering is impossible. However, we vote with our money for the kind of treatment that we are comfortable with toward others. I'd like to be one less person contributing to the problem if at all possible. Nobody is perfect -- vegans included. We all share a bit of responsibility by virtue of our very existence, for creating the suffering of another creature on this planet. The goal of veganism is the reduction (as much as possible) of our inflicting suffering on others -- Not unattainable perfection.

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