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Re: Tallow is for Steric Acids, as a lubricant.

Industrial tallow can come from animal or vegetable sources. It can be a by-product of biodiesel production from corn oil, FFS. To the industry, it's just another name for triglycerides. They're used to adjust the melting points of substances as well as their viscous properties at different temperatures.

The tweet from BoE dude just says "tallow". He/she is an idiot! They didn't check with their supplier the absolute source of all the materials used in their product?!

Mind you, I wouldn't be surprised it came from a beef source, I'm just annoyed by (1) the person who tweeted not understanding the hidden part of the question and seemingly without referring it to a manager, and (2) the over-reaction of people as the original spark gets Chinese-whispered away from what was actually said.

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