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And yet the truth is a lot more complicated than the idealistic view that vegans hold of "lets stop eating meat and it will automatically make the world a better place".

I am all for humane treatment of animals. Heck, I go out of my way to ensure that where possible we buy free range animals and non battery caged eggs, I even grow my own veg (as the weather allows). But unfortunately humans don't like to be told what to do (at least not directly) and in fact, humans are the most wasteful animals on the earth.

It is an inefficient use of our time to sit in front of the gogglebox staring at other people doing absurd things for our entertainment. It is an inefficient use of our lives to spend a majority of it in an office staring at a screen and typing away on a keyboard making 1's and 0's fly around the world.

It is illogical to drink fermented fruit and get drunk just to make the rest of the time sitting in front of a screen more bearable

It is crazy to inhale smoke that will ultimately kill you for pleasure... and not only that, but pay for the privilege.

The list goes on...

You are raging against but 1 small cog in a very large machine. The problem is not that we eat animals. Nor even the fact that we have come up with ways to meet the growing demand for such things. These are just symptoms of a larger problem.

If you really want to break it down, there are just too many humans.

So let me pose that question to the Vegans... would you kill and eat meat from a human to save a hundred cows from being needlessly born, raised and killed?

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