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Fighting your way to the top of the food chain?

Let's get real. Nobody posting here "fought their way to the top of the food chain". Let's put anyone who says that in a cage with a hungry lion, see who ends up getting out alive, and let's test that theory. Anyone willing to volunteer?

There's no good reason to expose animals to more suffering by using them as a commodity, when the need for their use, particularly in the manufacture of currency, is not justified by any reasonable, scientifically sound "need".

And for the record, vegans aren't just having a fit over nothing. This is the year 2016 (almost 2017), and yet we have only gotten MORE vicious and cruel toward the animals that are tortured every day in factory farms and feedlots, and yet we continue to create more of a demand for their suffering by calling for the use of more animal products when it's completely unnecessary. You're not just talking about the suffering of animals here, you're talking about funneling more food and water into a "resource" that yields a net loss in resources. That's inefficient use of resources by first-world countries that, due to their demand for meat and animal agriculture, are depriving impoverished countries of the resources that THEY need to survive. Let's not also forget that one of the top causes of world-wide deforestation (the lungs of our planet) is animal agriculture.

And for those suggesting that the animals farmed in factory farm settings / feedlots are living "happy lives" up until the point of slaughter really ought to visit a factory farm at some point in their lives, and see for themselves. The truth is a lot more complicated than the idyllic picture that's been painted for us.

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