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Re: Science? What happened to "hypothesis" vs "theory"?

"I don't think anyone ACTUALLY belives this.

It's just convenient not to have to think about it."

I believe it wholeheartedly. The idea that the Big Bang was the creation of space and of time has a simple beauty to it. Time as we know it began at the instant of the explosion of energy. Thus terms like "before" and (presumably) "after" become meaningless, since they are only valid terms with a frame of reference involving Time. There was no time "before" the Universe since there was no "before" for it be part of.

If you want to argue Cause & Effect, why not imagine running the film of the Universe backwards. As we approach the beginning of Space and Time, causes and their effects appear closer together, until at the point of the Universe's creation all Time and Space exists in a state where any cause and any effect take place simultaneously. So the Big Bang caused the Big Bang, since the Big Bang was the First ever Event.

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