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No, I completely get it -- it's a work of stunning complexity, admirable dedication and a tremendous learning experience. But, aside from the considerable cost, it helps tremendously to have a willing recipient for the donation. In this particular case, there's also the opportunity for future generations to learn from his work.

My only point was that after only a few weeks, She Who Must Be Obeyed would be asking about funding, projected completion date, floor space and the Big One: "Why are you doing this?" I suspect that many of us, who might consider doing a project of this scale would be in a similar position.

Except for the transistors, you get much more bang for the buck (or quid) by doing it in an FPGA. You get the same exposure to architecture options, with fewer burned fingers...and it only takes up a deskop! But I do admire those who do it "large scale"...even if I couldn't get away with it:

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