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Science? What happened to "hypothesis" vs "theory"?

Odd. When I was first introduced to science, and in the many years I worked in various fields, if an idea was proposed but hadn't been tested yet it was called a "hypothesis". Only AFTER it had been tested, and the tests repeated and verified, would it be called a "theory".

Based on this article, they haven't tested this hypothesis yet. Why does the article keep calling it a "theory"? In science, and presumably science articles, "theory" means "scientific theory" which in turn means "a tested and verified hypothesis".

Looking at the abstract (sadly, I've lost access to many research databases since changing careers. Fucking paywalls on publicly funded research, but that's another rant.) they don't seem to claim it's a "theory". They just claim to have developed a predictive model that might now be tested.

So either the scientists themselves are misusing the terminology in various interviews the author has seen and copied, and they're just repeating that. Or perhaps the author of this article is a scientific ignoramus with zero respect for proper terminology. Or perhaps the rules have changed since I learned this, and the anti-science frauds have won when they claim certain scientific theories are "only theories" and therefore equivalent to their completely non-scientific "theory"?

Which is it?

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