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>There rarely seem to be any challenges these days.

TBH, I should not be answering, because I have not rid systemd off my system* .... but this is outrageous in so many respects ....

You sound like one of the young, inexperienced, aviation engineers that take for granted what their ancestors have discovered in the field .... right until they discover that one of the innovations has the inverse effect of what they thought.

Aviation is still, TO THIS VERY DAY, very difficult a subject ... seriously, something as simple as 'lift' still has controversies, we are not quite sure what provides lift ... these aircraft a very sophisticated, VERY sophisticated, so please ... are you a pilot or do you run IE or systemd ? I think, imho, you should step back and look at the whole picture ...

One proof, the A330, mentioned in this very article, a mate's father .... a mate, right (honestly), now watch what you or anybody else say, DIED in a test flight of the A330, his "last" action was to save the newly built factory ... just saying ... this was 1990's and everybody thought just as you back then ... look at Appollo 13 ... this stuff is hard, in real life, easy for you from your computer keyboard god-knows-where, for sure ...

* See my comment history

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