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"So what DID Jamison mean by 'original motivations' anyway?"

Don't know what he meant, but IMO the original motivations for the creation of the FCC were to protect communications from things like spectrum land grabs, interference, monopolies gouging the consumers and similar crap, in such a way that society as a whole profits from these improved communications. These motivations remain today and are even more important today than 82 years ago.

"The intarwebs best serves the world by remaining an ANARCHY"

That depends on the definition of anarchy. Wild West style anarchy is when the big guys are either fighting among themselves -and usually harming/killing lots innocent bystanders in the process- or conspiring to rob, enslave or murder the general public. In the real world, to prevent this kind of situations, you need some government regulation, oversight and enforcement. Where it not for governments regulation and the FCC and similar entities, we'd probably be having this discussion in a BBS accessed through an eye-wateringly expensive 14,400 bauds connection.

If you don't agree with this, please try to replace the word "intarwebs" in your comment with "banking", "industries", "army", "hospitals", "food production", "firefighting" or "law enforcement" and see where that takes you.

Not saying that the FCC and comms regulations are perfect. My point is that without the FCC and regulation the situation would be far far worse than what is now.

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