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"Letting companies charge or throttle data based on it's source is just bad for all consumers"

This is true ONLY when you have no choice of providers, like a telco with hard wires. If the telco is required to 'rent its wires' [such as it is NOW in the USA], to allow competing services to provide an alternative, OR when there are 'competing wires' available, then it's no longer the same thing.

CELL PHONES already have 'overage' policies, which include things *like* throttling and charging for additional bandwidth. Yet they COULD say "this bandwidth is always free" if they wanted to.

So here's a thought: what if it's not "charge for bandwidth" to the receiver, but to the SENDER ? AND, only when your plan includes something to justify it, such as PRIORITIZATION? With 'neutrality' we all *MUST* stay in the *SAME* bandwidth ghetto, like good little communists [except for the elite, who always seem to be able to escape such limitations].

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