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However, I can't put data on the Lock screen because it's a clear security risk. I expect many people have the same consideration - OTP codes are a particular risk.

Hmm, maybe comprehensive reading isn't your forte or I didn't make myself clear. Let me highlight the relevant words for you:

One of my favourite uses is having a few OTP passwords visible on the home screen of the public sites I handle (the critical ones still require login), it's a neat function of the OTP Auth app.

The specific OTP app mentioned which is capable of doing this will fail safe by default - for accounts to be shown on the home screen you have to explicitly enable that (and even then it sometimes doesn't show anything until it's seen at least one login - not found time to work out what governs that yet). I wouldn't do that for anything important, but the few experimental Wordpress sites I use really don't need that level of control - hence those accounts being allowed on the locked frontpage.

On the other hand, there is no way I'd run *any* website without OTP..

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