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"Except most Android apps aren't business-oriented, built around internal networks, keyboards, mice, and so on"

You're right they probably aren't, but I bet the number of business orientated mobile apps is increasing as companies look at "mobile first" strategies. Once you have the programming logic in place then designing the GUI for different interfaces isn't that difficult, its been done for websites for years. I agree with you on the lack of productivity apps, but you're talking about today, I'm talking about the next 3-4 years.

I agree on the high performance gaming, but for slightly different reasons. There has been a dark cloud hanging over PC gaming for years, console gaming seems to be taking the market share (Just to be clear I prefer PC gaming and don't own a console). But now Windows 10 and Xbox one share a common platform I'm hoping this will change. High performance gaming developers have no interest in Android, only consoles.

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