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Apple lost me with the solder, like any other techy with a pair of functional brains ... USB-C probably also means I will avoid computers with that like the plague. Sad thing is, OS X is by far the best "desktop" OS out there, if you do not count Linux/BSD distros with Gnome 2 or forks of that, in, usability/productivity terms, imho, ymmv.

I also have an iPhone 5S in a drawer, fully functional, I do not want it because it's iOS, teen does not want it coz screen's too small, the other has the 6S ... the girls are too young, would have it stolen.... the wife is thinking about it ... though she also thinks screen's too small.... for looking at photos (LOL) ... she wears glasses, not that good ... Maybe I should sell and get a Nexus ?

The article mentions touch screens, I had one, the only creatures on this planet that used it were the occasional flies getting into the room, iow, not many. I have 5 kids, FFS, it is not just me being old fart, it is simply ... useless.

VR will not take off because of goggles, does not take a rocket scientist to work that one out, right ? Apparently it does, same who claimed 3dTV was the best thing since sliced bread and which failed coz of goggles are now all over VR - yeah, geeks maybe, that's it, average punter, nope.

As for Windows on a tablet ? Holy crap, who wants that ? Windows is for the gaming rigs, with high-end graphics, and that is changing thanks to steam. For anything else, Linux is on duty 'round here ... except my work laptop ... and that might change ...

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