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Or you could use the key with 'Enter' written on it, on the numeric keypad. :)

I know 'Some' of the readers will have numeric keypads on their keyboards.

Proving the point that even the 'right answer' can be wrong sometimes. :) :)

When dealing with users you need to forget everything you 'know' and all 'jargon' you use and try to look at the world through the eyes of a complete 'Noob'.

Remember they are not stupid just lacking the same experience as you.

Imagine if a Partner in a Legal Practice started talking to you in 'their' jargon and expected you to understand it all. [Real example, you need to be 'able' to ask questions, which many users do not because they think they will be thought stupid.]

The users who asked questions, and knew they would not get ridiculed as a consequence, did learn and could be a useful ally to teach others.

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