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"All of this does rather make you wonder though how she turns the thing on every morning"

Easy answer, Via the power switch at the wall etc.

Don't laugh, some year ago, I supported many users who did this ........ until they lost data due to not logging out or closing their documents etc. We tried to teach them that it was error prone for the obvious reasons.

People still did it, even after being warned.

The 'Magical Black Box' mentality still persists apparently.

In the end we had the sessions auto-logout, All the apps autosaved every 20 mins and on restart the apps would restore from the last saved version of docs etc.

Not perfect but best we could do without gettng the apps re-written to be resilient to someone 'pulling the plug'. :)

The developers did not anticipate how 'Real' users would use their apps and assumed that some training would fix any problems. Some people can be very 'resistant' to training. :)

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