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Why I just bought a MacBook Air instead of the new Pro

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"And even though this is the tale of a single person, I am willing to bet that the same process is going on right now with millions of customers across the globe"

Yep, bang on the money. As an owner of an early-2008 Mac Pro, which has done a wonderful job over the years and is still going fairly strong - I've recently been looking to downsize to something less power hungry which is portable if necessary.

Unfortunately Apple have been reducing the size of their laptops for some reason - most of their offerings are in the 13" format, which is way too small for me - the largest they offer is now only 15" and the price tag on that is simply unaffordable. The 'touch bar' was for me the final nail in the potential decision to upgrade to a current spec Mac, as was the removal of the headphone socket on the iPhone was the final nail in my potential decision to switch from the doomed Blackberry to an iPhone (thinking it might complement my Mac Pro nicely).

There is no way I'm going Windows 10 thanks to it being ridden with Cortana and other horribleness ... so it looks as though its time to dust off my long unused home-contructor skills and put together a replacement machine myself in the aluminium coolermaster case I still have from the last PC I built before the Mac.

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