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Windows 10 has improved immensely. Windows update is pain still.

"Windows 10 sucks"

Windows 10 has certainly sucked, at different points in its rollout.

I've run Windows 10 since the start. I'm someone who has verbally run Windows 10 into the ground at times, over its crappy drivers for Touchpads/Keyboards/Fingerprint readers in the beta/insider phase. The Windows 7 nagware. Crappy Windows 7 Update taking 12+ hours. The 'Something Happened' MS crappy ISO creation tool.

But give Microsoft its due, Windows 10 AU 1607, fully updated, with a local account all privacy settings switched off, isn't too bad, I have to admit. I hate the start menu, but I live with it.

Windows 7 is still cleaner/preferable in its design, but Windows 10 is past the point of being awful-"awful" and the Windows 7 File Explorer was/is just dire.

Windows 10 AU 1607 isn't there yet, but is not far off the equivalent of Windows 7 SP1 in terms of release quality/stablity. It did suck. It's certainly a little less sucky, as of now.

But then, macOS Sierra is rock solid/stable for me and Linux Mint 17.3 is a superb desktop/OS too.

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