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"Just accept it, "Power button" is not jargon,"

If you work in tech support involving the general public, semantics won't get you anywhere - nor will an underlying hatred of non-techie callers (well, not if you let it show, anyways). If someone understands "on/off switch" better than "power button", then you can be right with knobs on, but they still won't understand the wrong phrase if you keep on using it. If even "on/off" switch fails - and there were many for whom pulling the power cord out of the wall was their preferred power up/power down process - you have to backtrack and find an alternative path.

The way I managed to keep myself from going mad on tech support was to find ways of getting people to understand, first by recognising their limitations (which were often extreme to a frightening degree), then finding a common language - however basic - that made the call progress and come to a conclusion.

That said, it still depresses me to this day that some (actually, many) people's existence seems confined to wake, eat, procreate, sleep - with absolutely nothing in between. Such is the lack of thinking/understanding which seems to take place in their brains.

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