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User needed 40-minute lesson in turning it off and turning it on again


As a non-technical user of a machine far above my comprehension level - or pay grade - and starting with the days of MS-DOS, I have embarrassed myself, by email (thank goodness), even recently over email problems which mostly resolve to something I have forgotten should be checked, or an action like closing and restarting the email client [or is it agent?] to clear whatever log-jam has tied up the electrons.

I was more amused by the car stories. I have driven for - well never mind. But my cars have usually reached the scrap heap stage, so I am way behind in the technologies [bring back SU downdraft].My current car was a challenge to fill. I could not open the access flap, let alone discover if the cap required a key or not.

I spent some time examining the dashboard and under it for something that might say "Press to access fuel fill" - or something. I have my car seat quite forward, so it was about five minutes before my eyes ranged further and eventually saw a little lever to pull. One day I spent a few minutes looking at the driver's manual...

Ladies and gentlemen, you have my thanks for your patience and support. We try, but unlike the old Avis, we don't try harder :-)

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