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In the beginning was a guy who made his own harmless DayJob was moderately good at what he did (in his field) making a few dollars.

He quite grew to like having a few dollars so he did it again and realised that the 'world' he had created appealed to quite a few people.

He then got 'marketing' a terrible disease which allows you to take a basically harmless idea and spin it into a belief system. This can become so strong it can take over the lives of the people who follow it, making them hand over all their money for the latest edition\revelations.

Then the original guy died, leaving a gaping hole in the lives of his fellow travellers and a wish in them to continue his legacy a they see it.

Sadly the flow of money becomes a self reinforcing meme which corrupts the custodians of the basic idea convincing them that they must be the only true path because otherwise why would they be so succesfull.

Eventually pursuit of the belief blinds the custodians, until some smart arse kid at the back shouts "Hey look he's got no clothes on" Then it can all go to shit very quickly.

BTW I'm most definitely not saying Apple is an evil cult.. it's just marketing

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