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"Unless it's a device that doesn't normally get turned off. Like the air conditioning, or managed lights, or in this case a modern computer, which normally gets put to sleep, not turned off."

Like the woman I was following down the motorway a few weeks back. No lights on. In the dark.

Eventually, after many people, including me, had flashed lights at her, she puller over into a lay-by. I parked up in front an tried to walk slowly and non-threatengly towards her (a woman alone, in the dark, gatta be careful these days), she tells me it's a loaner and she can't find the switch. Eventually we found it and switched the headlights on. Her car has automatic lights and in just a few years we now have people prepared to drive in the dark with no lights because they don't know where to find or how to switch on the lights any more.

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