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If no-one else is going to do it, I'll out-bore/out-pedant myself:

CR/LF and Enter started with very different functionality; In mainframe days, you filled in a form on your smart screen, using CR/LF to navigate, then pressed Enter (or Send) to send the entire form to the mainframe for processing.

As minicomputers arrived where each keypress was transmitted and echoed back, most screens became "dumb". (Apart from hybrids that could be used attached to either type of computer [The fun we had with the "Local Echo" setting!]). The difference between CR/LF and Enter disappeared*.

Then came the Web form, where your entire PC became just a terminal for that app. The Enter key could have made a resurgence then as "Submit" (But thank $DEITY it didn't - Think of the confusion!)

* Some steps have been omitted for simplification. YMMV. Caveat Emptor

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