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Why I just bought a MacBook Air instead of the new Pro


I have been using Mac line up since early 2000's, I am pretty happy. So I ditched my MacBook Air for Microsoft Surface, I feel that we need to teach Satya and his team that how the hardware is suppose to work. The response time when you are working just A Ess internet is bad. The surface mouse integration with Surface Pro is very bad and slow. You are trying to move the screen up or down. The system response is either very slow or it's going to fast. Some time it's just slow or hangs

I am not sure if the Microsoft staff itself uses the Surface Pro

Its integration with One drive is so confusing, I am a Executive who uses computer for normal Word, Excel Power Point, Demo our software product, struggles with high end Aurace Pro. The touch has no use, some time the attached keyboard will stop functioning. It's a nice showpiece but disappointed with the hardware.

I guess I won't suggest any one to buy this machine, buy MacPro for quality, speed, Excellent

Hardware and its integration.

I will replace the Surface and go back to MacBook Pro

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