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So...Apple names a product macbook 'Pro' w/ touchbar then solder the Sandisk SSD Flash chips to the main motherboard, in a weak/stressed area of their "curly moustache" board design.

Apple do this knowing full well, that a Coffee/Coke spill on the keyboard, will render your whole macbook AND its Data, GONE. There is no SSD to remove, to manually recover data. You have to ask what Apple's motives are here.

They just moved the Data loss probability tenfold in their favour, with the need for an active iCloud backup strategy, to compensate. Is this to start a new Apple service, push users toward Apple's own in-house data loss recovery repairs?

Buy/use a macbook Pro w/ touchbar, please remember to implement an active backup strategy, there no second chances of retrieving Data here, after the fact.

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