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Use of NoScript, Request Policy Continued and other Browser security extensions in Firefox (expensive in Chrome, SRWare Iron or Opera because webkit uses a very memory expensive process for each!) are probably why I have very very rarely seen an anti-virus hit. I'd argue that a lot of commercial JavaScript scripts, inline content, links and cookies, are significant anti-privacy threats, so switching to HTML5 from Flash doesn't fix all the security issues!

I only run the light weight Avira anti-virus because bloated shit like McAfee can make an SSD machine seem nearly as slow as a spinning disk machine, this is especially curse inducing on I/O bandwidth crippled machines like even a 'decent' i5 ultrabook!

All the f'ing retarded websites, including corporate intranets, which /still/ haven't migrated to HTML5 from damned insecure Flash should have just be told to just die already by /all/ the browser providers!

The Java plugin will disappear when Oracle finally releases Java 9, assuming the released doesn't get delayed again past summer 2017, and it will probably be /much/ more secure due project Jigsaw, so all the anti-Java trolls can just STFU then.

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