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"If the 7S doesn't do something spectacular"

Then you'll switch to the Galaxy S8 or Pixel? What exactly are the "spectacular" things those do that the iPhone doesn't? What do you think you would get from those that your 6 doesn't do now, and the 7 doesn't do? It sounds like you're complaining the 7 looks too similar to a 6, which is a stupid thing to complain about. Do you replace your car every few years when your favorite model comes out with a redesign, just because they made the headlights and grill look different and changed the slope of the hood?

At least on the laptop side you've actually bothered to list a couple things you find useful that is lacking on the Macs. I happen to think touch screens are completely useless on a laptop, but everyone has different opinions there. For my part, I just ordered a new 17" HP laptop, and specifically chose the model WITHOUT touch not even primarily because it saved a few bucks but because it somehow saves nearly half a pound!

Upgradability is more of a concern, though in 15 years of owning laptops I've upgraded exactly once - replacing the hard drive in my current one with an SSD. Hopefully Apple knows what it is doing here. I will say the techie crowd at the Reg sees lack of upgradability as a FAR worse sin than the average buyer will. A small minority of PCs/laptops are ever upgraded during their lifetime. However, if Apple loses the techie / pro market where people who upgrade or at least value the option to upgrade, that can only hurt them in the long term. I think making the RAM and storage non-upgradeable in a product sold as "Pro" is indefensible. I could see doing it on the non-Pro lines though.

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