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Why I just bought a MacBook Air instead of the new Pro


A fair response.

I shudder to think what might have even influenced you towards a Chromebook - although I'm in no position to criticise - having switched my phone from "a long line of rooted/hacked-to-F androids, to a 128GB Pixel XL. This being an Android phone that embraces every criticism I've made of Apple and matches it both in restriction and price (and I let my employer pay for it, as it *should* "just work").

I'll recant my previous ideology, along with Google - there is a place for locked down.

I do feel my PC has different "success-criteria" than my phone though.

Currently I have my work laptop - a perfectly pleasant Elitebook, with a docking station that works (looking at you Dell & Lenovo).

I have my personal PC - a frankenstein creation for Gaming, Coding, RAID, anything else that takes my whim and has evolved over the years, irrespective of the whims of the market.

I have tablets for watching stuff as I lie in bed (went through the Nexus, now a lovely cheap nVidia model - really out of anything I've mentioned here, only thing I can unconditionally recommend).

What I no longer have, is a "personal laptop".

I used to. I've had thinkpads, I've had alienwares, but came to the realisation that I hated them all.

They didn't have the utility of a tablet, nor the flexbility of a desktop.

Bluntly, expensive and then continual annoyance.

Where I think the future (and apple should go) is to embrace modularity and integration.

Sell a Pro Laptop (decent CPU, and sockets for memory/storage).

Sell a non-portable companion (RAID box, GPU enclosure ~ Razer Core on Steroids) - something you can connect to your laptop with one wire and gives you the benefit of a desktop.

Do something with software (Apple software is utterly utterly shite) - Use sync & cloud to minimize the disruption when your Core and Companion aren't physically connected. This appear to be an utter ball-ache in say the Razer/Windows world, but in an all-Apple ecosystem is much easier.

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