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Why I just bought a MacBook Air instead of the new Pro


I don't think they've lost it..

..they're just continuing along the path they've been on for many years.

If I had to sum it up "solder, not sockets"

I do think they've been riding on people blindly buying, and maybe "excusing" previous decisions, but definitely feels that a line got crossed with this release.

Mainly as this had "Pro" in the name. Maybe the non-Pro people like simplicity, but this is for the "Pros", who might suddenly need a shitload of memory for their 4K-360-VR-Whatever pipeline in 2 years time.

To me at least, that final straw was "I buy your latest iPhone and your latest laptop - and you want more money to actually plug them together".

That's the very antithesis of their previous "just works [as long as you buy our stuff only]"

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