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I think we have a difference in terminology. In Pennsylvania suppliers were* further broken down into generation, transmission and distribution. The PA electric choice program gives me the option of selecting different generators but I am stuck with PJM(no complaints worth mentioning) for transmission and Duquesne Light Co(long story involving lawyers and shut-offs for DLC being not being over-paid) for distribution. The problem is that if I sign up with a non-default generator there are hidden costs that greatly increase the generator's charges. Some people have seen 400%+ increases for picking the wrong offer in the 'market'. While I can almost successfully navigate the mess grandma has no chance and can easily fall victim to Scammer Electric Supplies sales tactics.

I am not saying there isn't a reason for smart devices in the electrical grid. What I am saying is that a smart meter on my home just makes it easier for SES to make more ill-gotten profits. If I were to install solar panels(not financially logical at the current price points of panels and local storage for my house) I would need a smart meter to account for my generation. For most customers there is absolutely no point in using the more expensive metering system.

* After looking at my recent bill(I normally only look at the total owed for actual usage every month) it appears that breakdown was changed to customer charge, supply, transmission, and distribution. The lion's share of the bill(72% on this bill), the customer charge and distribution go to the local grid operator.

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