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ted frater

A gender thing?

Im active on a jewellery silver/goldsmithing forum( my occupation) and most of the simplest tech queries come from the female of our species.

Im convinced that its an upbringing thing, boys tend to go out and help their dad's whereas girls seem to help their mum's more. so its not surprising that after a childhood focussing on tasks outher than technical, they find it difficult to comperhend what to us seem obvious.

for example i was blessed with a son after 3 daughters at age 50, and chose to let him into the factory as soon as he could walk. ?/////didnt get much work done ! but he has had 14 yrs under my feet and has gone on to uni to do comp science. He has it in his head as well as in his hands. a rare combination. what he' lacks like a lot of young folks is not much patience.

I wish Id have the chance to do the same with a daughter, replicate what Hugh had and see what the outcome is. Regrets it wont happen. In 18 yrs ill be 100.

Anyone a 2yr old daughter to try it out?


in Dorset

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