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it just goes on and on

its not to do with jargon, although yes, it could be. but when we are dealing with this kind of user sometimes i lose faith that people can actually function at all in the modern world.

the power button issue. i see this too. imagine its a tv. can you use your tv? yes you can. well, its the same symbol, the same principal, it has a button. it needs to be turned on. usually the same one turns it off. how can you not know this?

if i asked someone the make of their car, they would go and figure it out. ask them the make of their pc....err, is it a microsoft?

people turn the monitor on and off when asked to turn the pc off and back on quite regularly.

ive had a customer who said "oh, no i dont deal with that, my husband would have to be asked" when i asked her if she had any 4 way mains adaptors/plug boards anywhere. that wasnt jargon, i explained it in many different ways, it was just a total almost religious denial that such a thing could be comprehended by her.

it wasnt that she didnt know what they were, it was that they basically dont exist in her universe. eeeuuurghhh i cant deal with it - someone else help!

ive had people manage to jam usb cables into ethernet sockets (they just about fit - try diagnosing that one over the took a while)

this is a transcript of a job that i had that i summarised and emailed to another technician:

So I've been trying to figure out what the fuck is going on this blokes machine.

Remotely, I fixed outlook for him, rebooted and he said the screen was blank.

I could see his screen and use it.

Check monitor is ok. Its fine

Teamviewer said there were 2 monitors.

So I moved a window over to the second monitor and he could see it.

So I said, ok, so the right hand screen is ok, but the other screen is blank though.


What other screen he said?

I said, the other screen that you have

Until frustration = how fucking stupid are you

So I look in device manager. 2 screens. I check the graphics properties. Extend desktop is on, showing 2 screens.

I update graphics driver.

I search the web. 2 other people on the planet have had issues with this. none of the fixes work.

I eventually figure out that he has plugged the same monitor, which has a vga and a hdmi port, into the same pc, with both cables.

ive got a guy who has called me 3 times in the last month because his speakers dont work. every fucking time they arent turned on.

theres the users that, when yopu say "right, can you see this on the screen, it must be there" immediately say "no, its not there, i keep telling you" and get all pissed off. they havent even had the time to look properly, they dont bother, and it is there, they just havent seen it. these people are a problem,

i love the earlier comment "they stopped thinking, and so called support" (im paraphrasing possibly) - but its true. a lot of people freak out and forget, or dont have the inbuilt tools, to deal with tech in the way they would deal with any other kind of problem their brains just dissolve.

it used to really piss me off, im much better at it now, i find it funny more than anything these days, but blimey, its a shitty irritating job sometiimes.

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