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Re "Rule number one ( and not just in IT) Sorry for shouting this, but, YOU DO NOT USE JARGON TERMS UNLESS YOU KNOW THE USER."

I supposed the phrase "Power button" is jargon, but most electrical devices have some way of turning the power on or off, be it a button, sensor or switch. I really would have thought that any user would know what a power button is.

Having said that, if she was panicking (and she may well have been if, say, she had a deadline and just saw the computer not working), she may well have "forgotten" what a power button is. I put forgotten in quotes as it's entirely possible she was not thinking straight. I've been involved in tech support, and I've dealt with intelligent people (up to Professor level) that have been panicking so much that they've forgotten even the most basic details. Usually, calming them down helps them to think more clearly.

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