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the wrong-type of solder problem was certainly an accidental design flaw, though for my Early 2011 Quad-core i7 MBP the shared-CPU/GPU heatsink design also contributed, failing as soon as I did 'heavy' processing. Apple then refused a repair, as ' we have no knowledge of this BGA failure ' - which was and remains b0ll0cks.

Isn't the current deliberate fail industry component simply known as the "warranty cap"?

With a really nicely designed mobo, a new thermally engineered, beautifully laid-out Apple laptop could easily be designed to last 20 years; my fatMac512k+5MB HDD still works, the II's are OK, the LC's work - but their Sony monitors dont, the various weirdly shaped boxy powermacs are OK, the teardrop iMacs still work, originals+DV, my eMacs are a bit iffy (hot PSUs), the G4 macMinis refuse to die - need tenfourfox browser nowadays, all my lappies from newton, Duo, green Clamshell, white iBooks, various flat panel iMacs, unibodies, Airs work well, however mostly plugged-in, as batteries are fragile after 5 years (they have a tendency to balloon-fail at age 3-years) I use a MacPro hexacore 3.33GHz at work, still very decent and nearly as uptodate as the wastebin design!

Anyway, I recently bought my kids used/refurb Lenovo X220/X230 for college to avoid inevitable fruit "shrinkage" - who wants to nick a dusty, black, not shiny linux laptop? (maxed internals, keyboard vented for accidental drink spills, designed to last with SSDs)

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