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User needed 40-minute lesson in turning it off and turning it on again

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Anonymous Coward

New LCD monitor arrived with the box rather wet. Didn't seem to have affected the monitor so plugged it into the mains and the PC. Little amber light shows power is there - but no picture. No buttons on the black bezel - just legends. Touch the "power on" legend - nothing happens.

Read the manual - find the section. Picture shows four lines going to the bezel legends.

Eventually give up - must be transit damage. Lift the monitor off the desk and it starts working. Put it down - won't switch off though. Take the mains plug out - put it back in. Only lifting it up seems to switch it on. Repeat a couple of times - what are those little clicks I hear? Four tiny black microswitches almost flush on the underside of the bezel below the legends.

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