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>> EU law on it, start looking at Guarantees and returns.

>Yes, that provides a 2 year warranty on all products bought.

EU Law just requires a _minimum_ 2 year warranty, individual countries are free to extend that and many do. UK Law (Sale of Goods Act 1979) requires 6 years warranty against failure for most Apple hardware - they are legally obliged to inform you of your rights when you buy.

[it's a standard template page on the Apple site which varies the terms in each Apple Store jurisdiction making the UK variant quite hilarious were if not for all the mugs who buy a warranty anyway]

UK Statutory Warranty has been tested in court several times and various manufacturers of consumer electronics (mobiles, PCs, laptops etc) lost every time.

It only covers faults due to manufacture in normal use (eg a component fails before 6 years is up) and doesn't cover batteries - for the latter they are allowed to charge a reasonable fee to cover cost of replacement.

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