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Several years ago while working support for an academy group i had to set up an assessment grade recording system for each school, each assessment had to be named "Year 7 Maths", "Year 7 English" for clarity. System was installed and ready to use. A few days later i get a call from the assessment manager at one school (who was married to one of our IT support staff incidentally):

her: "Only the year 7 assessments are there, when are you setting up the others"

me: "They are already set up and working you should be able to see them on your home screen when you log in"

her: "well i cant, fix it!"

This went on for roughly 2 weeks, tried everything i could think of, double checked the assessments where set up, checked her permissions, checked the dates they should be shown, logged in as her etc. All the assessments are there and working. She eventually demanded i visit the school, it just so happened that my boss and head of IT for the group was visiting at the same time and i asked if he could sit in for a few minutes (he was aware of the problems i'd being having with this).

We sit down and i ask her to log in and show me:

her: "see i can only access the year 7 assessments"

I move the mouse to the "more" button just under the list....

It hadn't occurred to her that the more button might show more assessments and hadn't occurred to me that someone might see the more button and think it did anything else. Needless to say it was my fault for wasting her time, at least my boss was there and prevented the disciplinary complaint going any further.

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