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Are you suggesting that this is a good layout for board components on the macbook Pro w/touchbar? It looks deliberately designed to fail over time. It's normally 'cock up' with most companies, but this is too well 'purposely' engineered to be cock-up.

Those Sandisk Flash chips are sitting 'exactly' on the main stress points of this curly moustache shaped motherboard. There is nothing supporting the top of that motherboard except the fan when it is in situ. Lots of temperature changes/stress at the extremities of the board layout, and the area beneath those Sandsk Flash chips.

The design is attempting to use the fans to form the rigid inherent structure of the motherboard. Fans/airflows which are varying in temperature by 40-60 degrees 'normally'.

If I'm a betting man, this motherboard layout will see issues within 1-2 years, with failed SSDs, high up on that list.

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