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"Hi, I'm from Precinct 3611, our phone is broken…"

Last Tuesday, I was helping set up my election precinct when we ran into a serious snag, so I asked one of my clerks to call the main office using the supplied cellphone. Guy came back a few minutes later to inform me the battery was dead. Baffled, as I'd been careful to charge it the previous night as instructed, I plugged it in to see a "charging complete" message, unplugged it but also couldn't get it to turn on.

I called the county office from my own phone and was told that they were being flooded with the same complaint. Seems we're all so used to our smartphones that when faced with a feature phone, we were all trying to turn the freaking thing on via the button on the top edge, totally ignoring that it had a 'camera' icon on it or that there was a large button below the screen labeled with the classic "i inside an O" power icon. Oops…

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